ANZBI Autumn Webinar Recording “The Synergies between Biochar & Zeolite”



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“The synergies between Biochar & Zeolite”

The natural zeolite of the Castle Mountain deposit is a natural mixture of 85% clinoptilolite and 15% mordenite. Natural zeolites form in association with volcanic activity. Most natural zeolites of the type in Castle Mountain’s deposit were formed millions of years ago as a result of the reaction of the ashes erupted from volcanoes that fell into specific semi-saline lakes. The process of their formation is called zeolitization.

Panelists include;

Dr David Tomlinson is a general chemist with wide interests especially in surface interactions. He likes to be considered as a separations specialist & has had a diversity of jobs from pharmaceuticals to forensics along with bread, beer & wine, with a relatively small number of publications & a handful of international patents. He is probably best remembered for his affidavits in several high profile legal cases, & for taking on CBH in WA over the quality of a new wheat variety, Wilgoyne, which was being downgraded because of its pale colouring. He & Professor Stephen Joseph went to the same primary & secondary schools & were taught by the same chemistry teacher.

Professor Stephen Joseph (OAM) UNSW, Wollongong & Newcastle) Stephen is well known in the Biochar Industry Worldwide and specialises in the characterisation of Chars amongst many other fields of expertise ranging from renewable energy to anthropology.


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Access password: zeochars