ANZBI 2nd Autumn Webinar Recording- “The characterisation of fresh and aged biochars for growers”



May 17, 2018 9:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Due to popular demand Stephen Joseph will deliver an intriguing look into the characterisation of fresh and aged biochars for growers. Stephen specialises in this field and this knowledge and practice will help growers better understand the initial biochar they are applying and what happens over time. Different chars have a different carbon and ash content, different surface area and different electromagnetic charge all of which effect results in different soils. For commercial applications, we are looking to homogenise biochars as best we can and the formation of biochar mineral complexes (BMC’s) is becoming an end result that every grower is aiming to achieve.

As part of this webinar we will also touch of course what types of biochars are best for various applications from animal feed to environmental management.

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