Bioenergy Roadmap Submission 2020 –   Part 1 & 2





                        Technology  Roadmap Submission 2020 –   Part 1 & 2

Biochar is a stable, carbon-rich form of charcoal produced by heating organic residues from plants or animal wastes (biomass) in an oxygen limited environment. Biochar is chemically and biologically much more stable than the organic matter from which it was made. The Australia New Zealand Biochar Initiative Incorporated (ANZBI) is a not for profit organisation inspired by the International Biochar Initiative that delivers education, collaboration, networking and lobbying services to its members in Australia & New Zealand.

ANZBI exists to:

  1. Provide a central meeting place for stakeholders that facilitates collaboration and networking to bridge the gap between research and commercialisation.
  2. Promote the mainstream adoption of Biochar systems that produce biochar, bioenergy, wood vinegar and other fuel products from underutilised biomass that would otherwise go to waste.
  3. Advocate the beneficial economic, environmental and social opportunities presented by Biochar systems to policy makers, land managers, the public, industry and fellow growers, scientists, and engineers. We focus on biochar development in the Australian and New Zealand context, while engaging in and encouraging broader international collaboration.


Study Tour & Conference (ANZBC20)– an annual forum in a different State and New Zealand each year to showcase pyrolysis and gasification technology, network, collaborate, share information, ideas, discoveries with the aim and objective to achieve outcomes and make biochar a household name.

Webinars – a seasonal webinar on topics chosen by our task force, committee and other members.

Code of Pracitce & Standards – a task force has been formed to work on a draft code of practice and a set of standards that is consulting with the key stakeholders within and without of the immediate industry. Once a draft is finalized, it will be further workshopped within the industry for public release and submission to Standards Australia. Both the C.O.P. & Standards could be easily published in New Zealand.

Advocacy – of pyrolysis and gasification technology as solutions to certain feedstock residues that are causing economic and environmental issues. Promotion of Biochar through the development of marketing materials as a soil amendment and additive to compost, animal feed, building and construction, packaging and other high end consumables for the repair of the carbon and nitrogen cycles.

Educational Library – supports an online central point where members can access and review recordings from the annual conference, webinars and a list of research papers by topic.

Books – members can purchase biochar books at 20% discount on the normal recommended retail price.

Members Directory – a list of all members contact elaborated to picture and profile

ANZBI was launched at the first Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference (ANZBC17) in Murwillumbah, N.S.W. on August 10-12, 2017 in consultation with Tom Miles, Chair of International Biochar Initiative (IBI), members of Australia New Zealand Biochar Researchers Network and members of the ANZBC17 working group.

Code of Practice for the Sustainable Production and Use of Biochar in Australia and New Zealand

Revision Draft for comment – 2nd June, 2020

A Report on the Value of Biochar & Wood Vinegar – Version 1.2

ANZBI 2019 _ A Report on the Value of Biochar and Wood Vinegar (v 1.1)



Summer 19/20 Summary Report 

Link: Soil Moisture Probe


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